Piquing Interest

All of us are being sold to constantly, from the ads we see on TV, to the billboard on the road, to the pesky ads you can’t wait to hit ‘Skip’ in YouTube. to the annoying ads on your phone. They are everywhere and little do you realize that you are being sold to every hour of the day. You can get so overwhelmed with the nonsense that you don’t have a ear to a good pitch because you are now wired to filter it out and have a negative feeling towards it.

In this scenario, it is important to craft a message that will get to the meat of the content without fluff. One of the companies in Houston that is great at this isĀ http://www.houstonlimousines.org/

Depending on the industry you are in, a different type of message has to be crafted for your audience. A tailored message that knows what the audience needs and a message that conveys the solution or steps that can be taken.

The message is reverse engineered. If the market dictates supply and demand, your audience dictates what the message should be. All you have to do is listen to what they are saying. The art of listening and deciphering what they are trying to convey is a whole another post for another day.

Hope you guys are keeping warm and dry. 2015 should be a great year, and we are about halfway through the year. It’s a great point to re evaluate your goals or make new ones and finish strong.