Cold Call Beast

This blog is called Unlock The Game of Cold Calling.

That’s all I can really say.




Just kidding!   Cold calling is a BEAST.  No one want to do it and we all want to rely on just using our typeing skills to send marketing information or ads to our potential hot leads.

Remember that movie??  You know if he was in Texas just longing for a good sale to help raise his kid.  He wanted to ride in a Houston Limo to the finest Restaurants in Texas.

But this calling was not his friend.

Why in the world is cold calling so awful?

Let’s explore the ups and downs of the phone world, how it came about, how it changed the world as we know and what is taking it’s place.

Does cold calling prospects even have a chance of helping us get more business anymore?

With Facebook and Google and all those other major big wigs offering pretty darn good advertising, where in the world does cold calling potential clients fall in?

Let’s look at my list of reason why we could probably learn a lot from cold calling in this blog.

BEFORE we do that, we have to understand our tool.

(No I’m not talking about what you have in your pocket)

I’m talking about the PHONE.   How and why did communication of this sort start in the first place?

Why does it even matter?

If I remember correctly from my younger years, the telephone was post telegram…which was post POST gram…I think.  So we go back in time from to the written word.  What was before that?

How does any of that relate to cold calling.

I ask you…HOW does it NOT?

There are some major differences in all forms of communication that all organisms across this Earth use and they are ever evolving and always changing.

So…going deep…real deep. Let’s find out together how cold calling came to be and decide whether it’s even useful in today’s world.

You up for the ride?  I am.  :)

Till next time…..